About Me

I have had a therapeutic massage practice in good standing for a little over 9 years.
It has been a wonderful journey of learning and growth. 
I am motivated to continue to learn  ways to help the body and mind
restore and heal together for better days to come. 
I care about my clients and each one means alot to me.

I listen to everything that they tell me about their bodies and their daily lives.
I keep wellness notes to assess their progress and find the best massage therapy for each one. 

There is usually always something that can help.
It might be a certain massage technique, essential oil or just simple healing  touch.
 Massage therapy is a continuing process and regular massage therapy helps the most.

 Deep relaxation with the different techniques I have learned can help you to feel better,
release muscle tension, and prevent or  alleviate everyday  health ailments.

The amazing aspect of the body is that it is all connected and there is more than one way to reach an
area that needs attention and healing. When you call me we can talk about your needs
and  I will let you know if I think I can help you so that  we can find the best massage for you.

I am the owner of Peaceful Rain Massage Therapy and Spokane Acupressure
Continuing Education Classes . I am not partners with and I am not 
involved in any other businesses or websites. 
Peaceful Rain Massage Therapy is a holistic alternative massage practice
dedicated to providing professional masssage therapy and healing care to
the women of the  Spokane community.


Sally Cole-Stokes
LMT 60304877